This Guy Emailed Mazda About Placing A Deposit For An RX-Vision


And Mazda replied back.

In the RX-Vision, Mazda has created one of the most beautiful concept cars we've seen in years. Hypothetically, this concept, long hood and all, could wind up becoming a production car one day as a successor to the famed RX-7 and RX-8. One day. Or perhaps not at all. Mazda is still undecided and nothing has been ruled out. But that still didn't stop one Reddit user from emailing Mazda about putting down a deposit for an RX-Vision.

"Clusterkid29" even received a reply back from the Japanese automaker, stating (and we're paraphrasing here): We appreciate your interest in a future Mazda-RX model, blah blah blah….we can confirm Mazda is working on new rotary engines, more blah blah blah…future models and specifications are not available at this time. Signed, Mazda PR. We're still waiting for the day when Mazda makes that RX-Vision official because, clearly, there is a market for a brand new rotary sports car.

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