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This Guy Filmed Details Of A Parked C8 Corvette

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There's stuff here we haven't seen before.

We're just over one month away from the official reveal of the all-new C8 Corvette. The 2020 Chevrolet Corvette, in case you've been living on the moon for the past couple years, will be monumental because it's dropping the decades-old front-engine setup for a mid-engine design. Needless to say, some purists aren't happy, but they can be assured their beloved sports car will be better than ever in every way.

As the weeks are about to become days, Chevrolet seems to be caring less and less about driving final pre-production prototypes around in public. Sure, Chevy has released its own series of C8 spy photos with the now familiar camouflage, but YouTuber Jacob Daniel happened upon one parked in the dead of night on Woodward Avenue in Detroit, Michigan last Saturday evening.

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Despite wearing the typical camo, the car was just sitting right there for anyone passing by to check out. Of course someone was going to film it with their smartphone. Unfortunately, the darkness makes some of the details difficult to see but there are still some new things worth pointing out here. Perhaps the clearest of all are the rear wheels' dual brake calipers. There's also a close-up view of the side air intakes, an essential for any mid-engine design. There does appear to be, however, fake panels covering the intakes so it's hard to ascertain the final design here. More importantly though is the view inside the scoop, which reveals a big cooling radiator and possibly the door handle release hidden under the scoop's curve.

You can also catch a glimpse of the rear spoiler and the still covered angular headlights. Perhaps the biggest disappointment here is the darkened windows which, combined with the camera's flash, makes it nearly impossible to see the interior. We do think there are bright red seat belts, a styling element Chevy has been adding recently to its performance cars. Hopefully, we'll be seeing more prototypes like this one parked outside in public view before next month's unveiling. Failing that, we expect leaked images, sans camo, to start rolling in pretty soon.