This Guy Found A Shelby Cobra 427 And A Ferrari 275 GTB In A Barn

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This pair of all-original, low mileage classics are worth millions.

Barn finds like this rarely happen. In fact, this is the kind of barn find we all dream about. Here's why: an all-original 1966 Shelby Cobra 427 and a Ferrari 275 GTB/2. Both were left in a North Carolina barn/garage since 1991 and have since gathered lots of dust (and, for the Cobra, a mouse nest in the trunk). But underneath the dirt are a pair of extremely low mileage gems that are, in a word, perfect. The Cobra in particular is a stunning find and, according to Barn Find Hunter host Tom Cotter, is in no need of a restoration.

It should be left exactly as is, save for a good clean up. Cotter, as most of us know, is the original barn hunter and in the latest episode of his show he's discovered the Holy Grail, so to speak, of barn finds. And when we say low mileage, we mean it. The Ferrari has been driven a mere 13,000 miles in just 50 years.

Question is, how did these cars get to where they're currently at? Turns out the owner's longtime trusty mechanic was killed in a motorcycle crash back in 1991. The owner simply didn't trust anyone else with his cars, which also included an E30 BMW 3 Series, a Triumph and a Morgan, so he opted to permanently park them instead. In the back of his mind he figured one day he'd find a new mechanic but it never happened. You really need to watch the episode to fully appreciate the rarity of this, and your eyes will widen once you find out how much it's all worth.

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