This Guy Found It Hilarious Driving His Corvette Convertible Through A Flood

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Would you have been so brave?

Before you judge the guy behind the wheel of this C6 Corvette Convertible, know that just ten minutes after this video was shot, parts of the freeway were under ten feet of water. Back in August, Joey Zago was driving the yellow Vette down Interstate 696 in Michigan, when the granite-gray sky split open, unleashing torrents of rain on the unsuspecting commuters below. With the freeway sinking in front of his eyes, Zago made what turned out to be the right call by not stopping.

Those that did paid the price with totaled cars, while the Vette suffered no long term damage whatsoever. Obviously some water leaked in through the door seals, air ducts and gear shift access, but no real harm was done. And the driver takes the whole would-be-ordeal in his stride.

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