This Guy Got Tired Of Messing With Inferior V8s Because Losing Sucks

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His weapon of choice: a Mustang. A certain Gold Car.

No driver wants to lose a race, and to be the best requires one to also be the fastest. It ain't exactly rocket science. That's why Wayne Varley, from Discovery's Street Outlaws, decided to give his pride and joy, the The Gold Car, a complete overhaul, including a new and dramatically lighter hood and front fascia. Though it started out as a 1980 Ford Mustang with a straight-six, it's been morphed into something radically different. For example, Varley has swapped engines several times, going from a 289, 302, to a 526 Big Block V8.

And now that Brian, aka Gotee Bo, is behind the wheel, the chances of winning are better than ever. He comes from a racing family after all and Varley himself is a self-taught mechanical wizard. But remember, this is street racing so just about anything can happen.

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