This Guy Had a Lucky Escape After Car Wash Tried To KILL Him

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If you have a fear of car washes, look away now.

Remember going through a car wash when you were a little kid? Scary as hell and don't deny it. The closer those massive loud spinning brushes came to the car, the louder your screams became. But as you got older, going to the car wash became an event, something to look forward to. Working the machine also looked like something you could dig as a job. But for Josh Hood, car wash manager at Pit Stop Car in Louisiana, his day in the office turned into a nightmare when he got entangled in one of the brushes.

Josh was cleaning up when one of the brushes caught hold of his hose, dragging him in and tying itself around the poor guy, turning him into a spinning hog roast for a few terrifying seconds. Scarier than anything he had experienced in the military, Josh said he feared for his life but later found the funny side of it.

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