This Guy Had A Stroke While Driving And The Police Tasered Him Then Maced His Face


Wow. Just wow.

Things happen, often times not in a good way. One such example is having a stroke while behind the wheel of your car. It's just scary even to think about. But for Virginia resident David Washington, that's exactly what happened. Earlier this month, Washington was suspected of a hit-and-run crash. When police responded, they found Washington still in his Hyundai, but he failed to comply with officers' demands to show his hands; they didn't realize he was in need of urgent medical attention.

And because of this lack of response, the police considered him a threat. Officer Shaun Jergens, who has since resigned, then proceeded to Taser Washington and unload a can of pepper spray to his face. It doesn't end there.

When Washington was lying on the ground and the police realized their mistake, they also forgot to take the car out of gear; it then rolled right over Washington's foot. All of this was captured on a police body cam. However, police did discover beer in the back seat and Washington may have been under the influence. He was also driving with a suspended license.

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