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This Guy has a Life-Long Porsche 911 Obsession

"Anything I can ask of it, it'll deliver to me."

Jeff Zwart learned to drive on his father’s Porsche 901. Yes, a 901, which was basically an early 911 before the name change. Ever since then, Zwart has literally dedicated his life to that rear-engined German sports car. In addition to being an owner/driver, he has been one of the creative minds behind all of those Porsche advertising campaigns for the past two decades. He’s also a car and motorsport photographer with a special Porsche focus.

And it doesn’t stop there. Zwart also races 911s along with a habit of breaking Pikes Peak records. If we’re to believe Zwart at his word, then the 911 may just be the finest all-around sports car the world has ever known.

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