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This Guy Has a Morgan Fetish

Everyone needs a hobby, but this California resident has a lifelong family passion for classic Morgans.

For Derek Willburn, his life hobbies are centered on two things: Morgans and racing bicycles of the 1970s and 80s. So what on earth do these different types of transportation have in common? You really feel the road and there’s not much of a suspension in either. Willburn especially likes to spend his time working and restoring old Morgans, either for himself or for clients. In fact, his whole family restores Morgans, with his brother working on the engines, his mother handling the upholstery and his father setting up the electrical systems.

Aside from making an attempt at building a fiberglass car in the 60s, the basic steel chassis and wood-frame formula for Morgans has remained in place. From the classic Three-Wheelers to the somewhat more conventional Plus 4, Willburn’s passion for Morgans is truly heartfelt.

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