This Guy Has Driven A Lamborghini 400 GT Every Damn Day For Over 40 Years

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Want to guess its mileage?

Before the Diablo, before the Countach and Miura, there was the Lamborghini 400 GT. It was the second model the Italian supercar builder ever made, manufactured from 1966 until 1968. Only 247 examples were built. Unlike those aforementioned Lambos as well as those on sale today, the 400 GT (as well as its 350 GT predecessor) were grand tourers with 2+2 seating. And yes, it had a V12. Imagine what a car like this is worth today. Is it something you'd even be willing to drive?

For Jack Riddell, owner of this 1967 400 GT, locking a car like this up in a garage would be a huge mistake. To him, this thing was made to be driven and in his experience, driving his 400 GT on a regular basis only makes it run better. He's owned the car since 1972, buying it for $6,250. Today, it has over 230,000 miles on its clock.

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