This Guy Hated His Supercar Key So Much He Designed His Own

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Can you guess what car it's for?

First World problems don't get better than the living hell that is using an Audi A1 key for your Lamborghini Aventador. But finding solutions to problems is what makes Robbie Dickson such a successful entrepreneur. Despite charging close to half-a-million dollars for the supercar, the accompanying key is nothing more than an Audi key with a chrome Bull crest and Lambo logo stamped on the back. Establishing Attivo, the Vancouver-based supercar lover has created his own key case for the Aventador dubbed the Evoluzione-LP and it is sensational.

The catalyst to turn the idea into a reality was when Robbie lost one of his keys. Lamborghini wanted $2,800 for a replacement, so he decided to create one that was harder to lose, cheaper and way better looking. More in line with what Pagani and Koenigsegg provides with its cars, the key's base is made of aluminum, carbon fiber, stainless steel and ABS plastic and will be finished with a combination of anodizing and powdercoat. Bespoke options include making buttons out of gold, diamond encrusting portions of the case, or creating a totally bespoke unit as per the owner's request.

Around 40 individual components make up the hand-assembled cases that will perfectly encompass the factory key. Pre-orders have already been taken, with the product to hit the market by mid-October. A second key is also in the pipeline for Mercedes owners. To differentiate S65 AMG drivers from GLA-driving soccer moms (both cars come with the same key), Attivo is working on a new key, Evoluzione-MB, that will have its own unique design in line with the brand image. Prices for the Lamborghini key will start from $1999.99 and the Mercedes key at $1499.99. Bespoke options will start from $2999.99 and $2499.99, respectively.

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