This Guy Is 100-Years-Old And Still Sells Chevrolets


His motto: "Stay with them until they buy or die."

Meet Derrel Alexander, Chevrolet salesman at White's Mountain Motors in Casper, Wyoming. He's on the job every morning at 8am and leaves at 3pm, Monday through Saturday. And he just turned 100-years-old earlier this month. Suddenly we're all feeling a bit lazy here. Mr. Alexander has been selling Chevys most of his life, and Automotive News just did a recent profile on him, noting that he's outlived most of his loyal customers. In fact, it is their children and grandchildren who are now his regulars.

The dealership's new car manager, Marco Castillo, said that "Sixty-year-old ladies remember him selling their parents cars. Rarely will there be somebody (who) he doesn't remember what car they had or something about them." Alexander has worked at this dealership for 53 years, even though it's changed ownership four times during his tenure. He began selling cars in 1946, and joined the Casper Chevy dealer in 1962. His sales pace has actually slowed down recently, and he now sells six to 10 cars a month. During his peak in the 50s and 60s, he closed an average of 30 deals a month. His sales motto couldn't be more fitting: "Stay with them until they buy or die."

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