This Guy is Driving a '67 Fairlady Roadster Cross Country

An ingenious, yet simple way to enjoy some real stress relief.

Life’s daily grind can get the best of us all. Whether it’s work, home life, or both, sometimes we just feel the need to get away for some major stress relief. For a guy named Scott Fisher, a business owner from Las Vegas, Nevada, his idea for an escape plan was to drive his 1967 Datsun Fairlady Roadster across North America for one year. It may not be the first car you’d pick for a cross country trip, but the Datsun has proven to be a rock solid chariot.

Before beginning the trip, Fisher added a new five-speed transmission and undertook other maintenance work to make sure the car was fully ready. It even started right up without a hitch during the recent polar vortex. Fisher has so far traveled more than 30,000 miles through 44 states and 7 Canadian Provinces, and his journey still isn’t over.

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