This Guy Is Suing Tesla Because The Doors On His Model X Are Going Crazy


And that's just for starters.

California resident Barrett Lyon liked his Tesla Roadster and Model S so much that he figured 'hey, why not get the new Model X, too?' Turns out doing so was a big mistake, at least for him. Lyon is now suing Tesla for a full refund of the $161,970 he spent on the EV because "the doors do some weird, wicked things." Speaking to a local news source, Lyon claims his Model X is essentially a lemon. "If you get in and slide sideways and accidently tap the brake, the driver's side door slams shut on your leg. That's not a very nice thing to happen to you."

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He said the doors have already slammed shut on his wife and flung open in their garage, which damaged them, too. But it's not only the doors that are the problem. The auto pilot is also "extremely dangerous," causing "the car to swerve into different lanes." There's more: the touch screen freezes repeatedly, the second row seat causes the driver's seat to fold forward, and the so-called auto park feature doesn't work 90 % of the time. Tesla hasn't commented yett, but Lyon believes the Model X simply wasn't ready for consumers. Along with a refund of the vehicle itself, Lyon also wants Tesla to pay for the registration fee along with damages for breach of warranty and California Lemon Violations, and the cost of the suit itself.

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