This Guy is Super Lucky, His Car Door-Not So Much

Try not laughing at this one.

From the title you can probably guess this hilarious incident took place in Russia. This is where they still drive Ladas, and as you’ll see from the latest dash-cam video to emerge from the Motherland, drive them like total morons. In a game of “my Lada is better than your Lada” a pair of Russian clowns attempt to cut each other up and fool around by slamming on the brakes. We’re sure they’re having a laugh a minute, but only one driver is laughing at the end of their joyride.

Watch on as the Lada tries to get his buddy back, only to end up smashing into a parked car and almost taking out its driver for good measure. The irony isn’t lost on us here, but the way the dash-cam owner bursts into laughter at what is a pretty serious crash is seriously contagious.

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