This Guy Just Got Fired And Doesn't Plan To Sell His Lamborghini

Date of termination: April 1 and it wasn't a joke.

Losing your job sucks. That is, of course, if you didn’t plan on leaving anyway. Tons of questions immediately come to mind, like how are you going to pay the rent? Groceries? All other bills? It’s scary, to say the least. And what about your car? Are you going to have to put it up for sale? Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. But not this Lamborghini Gallardo owner. YouTuber "TheStradman" just got fired, or laid off if that sounds better. Anyway, he obviously earned enough in order to afford the Lambo, but the question is whether to sell or not?

His answer: Hell no (at least for now). Instead, he’s jetting off for Europe but first he’s going camping and the Gallardo is his ride. Somehow he manages to stuff all of his gear inside but hey, if he can’t find a new gig then the next video we may see from him could be "How to Turn a Lambo into a Mobile Home."

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