This Guy Just Proved South Africa Has The World's Most Badass Cops

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This is straight out of "GTA V."

Sometimes you watch a video that just makes you go "whoa." This is that video, folks. It stars a South African motorcycle cop who must think he's in an action movie. The guy is pursuing a suspect in a car but instead of just tailing him he decides to try and stop the chase. Now a motorcycle can't exactly run a car off the road, but luckily the cop didn't have to go that route. No, he simply decided to shoot at the suspect's car from his seat. Seriously, this is some "Grand Theft Auto V" type insanity.

We dare you to watch this video and not send it to your friends. Hell, we double dare you to break a law in South Africa. Cops down there definitely don't play, as this video proves.

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