This Guy Just Set a New Monster Truck Jump Record

"We're either going to break the record or break the truck."

Meet Joe Sylvester, a guy who’s been doing crazy stunts his entire life. Back in 2010 he set a world record by jumping 208 feet in a Cadillac Escalade. Then that record got beaten by several other crazed lunatics. But this guy won’t accept defeat, and have you ever wanted to know what it’s like to go flying through the air at 85 mph in a monster truck that weighs a hefty 10,000 lbs? Joe Sylvester certainly knows, and this time the entire stunt was caught on film.

Sylvester gets behind wheel of this KMC Wheels equipped Ram-bodied "Bad Habit" monster truck in an effort to reclaim the world jump record. And he actually did it by jumping 237 feet through the air, besting the previous record by 23 ft.

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