This Guy Loves the BMW 3-Series Way More Than You

"When I open the door and enter this garage, I feel like I'm with my second family in a room of happiness." -Daniel Falkenberg

Germany’s Daniel Falkenberg started his BMW 3-Series collection at the age of 17, and today it is one of the most extensive BMW 3-Series collections in private hands anywhere in the world. He has 10 examples of all different kinds of 3-Series, and a deep appreciation for what goes into the design and makeup of one of these cars. He talks about the driver-oriented nature of the cars, although, it should be noted, he talks about this sportiness in the past tense.

BMW got him to give a few impressions on the new 3-Series GT. This being a BMW promotional video, his impressions were all positive, but with as a big a fan of the 3-Series as we’re talking about here, it could have been genuine.

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