This Guy Loves Trash Talking Cars: Meet The Car Hater

What the hell did I just watch?

We’re calling him The Car Hater because, well, he isn’t exactly the biggest car fan out there. In fact, where some people like getting off on cars (they’re called mechaphiles) this guy seems to get off on hating on cars (mechahater?) Once a proud employee at CarBuzz HQ, The Car Hater as we shall affectionately refer to him hereon in, sent us this car review parody of a VW Beetle cabrio as a way of expressing his anger at his recent dismissal. But has his clever attempt at an insult potentially saved his job?

Instead of being offended, we actually think the video is bloody funny and are seriously considering asking him to do more.

Check out The Car Hater and let us know if we should bring him back in from the cold to shoot more of these bizarre reviews. Or should this remain a onetime thing? As always, leave your thoughts in the comments.

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