This Guy Needs Help Because Car Thieves Love His Cadillac

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"The car is 35 years old, but it's all I got."

Meet retired Rev. Edward Moore from San Antonio, Texas. He's a really good guy who regularly volunteers his time at an assisted living center for the elderly and disabled. And it was there, specifically the center's parking lot, where his beloved 1980 Cadillac DeVille has been stolen (and recovered) a total of five times in five years. Yes, asshole car thieves stole a pastor's Caddie from a nonprofit community center, and the center itself claims it's not liable. "The car is 35 years old, but it's all I got," Moore stated.

The latest time the car was recovered it had an empty gas tank; Moore had to pay to have it towed to gas station. He also needs to use a screwdriver to start the car because the steering column was smashed open in the latest theft. This isn't the first time he'll have to replace the steering column either. "What am I supposed to do?" Moore asks. "What if it gets stole a sixth time. I mean, how long can this go on…when you wake up five times and it's gone, that's just too much." He even once removed the battery but thieves simply stole another battery first, installed it in his car, and took off. For what it's worth, the community center which has installed security cameras.

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