This Guy Ran A Timed Lap In A Ferrari 458 Doing No More Than 25 MPH

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Can you guess how long it took him to lap a 1.9 mile track?

If given time on a track behind the wheel of a Ferrari 458, 99% of people would go flat out. However, YouTuber Right Foot Down had a different idea. Given a private lap at the New Jersey Motorsports Park, this joker decided to run it as slow as possible. According to the park's official website, The Lightning Raceway, the track this lap was run on, is 1.9 miles in length. Doing no more than 25 mph this anti-lightning lap was completed in a little under 18 minutes. We don't know what the Lightning Raceway's fastest lap time is, but we're guessing this ain't it.

Also, we don't blame you for skipping ahead when watching this video. It is pretty damn long.

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That being said Right Foot Down has to have captured the record for slowest lap ever with his ridiculously time. This guy deserves some credit for being able to hold himself back while behind the wheel of the 458. Driving very slowly for a prolonged amount of time is tough enough in a boring daily driver. Imagine what it's like to go no faster than 25 mph when you have a naturally aspirated 4.5-liter V8 making 562 horsepower that's begging to be unleashed. Doesn't sound so easy now, does it?

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