Rock Bouncing

This Guy Really Epitomizes Go Big or Go Home

And he goes big over just about anything.

Rock bouncers love a good challenge and are not afraid to tackle them. But if there is one guy who really epitomizes the Go Big or Go Home mentality, it's Dale Larsen. At the helm of his crazy loud, big block powered Land Cruiser buggy, Larsen is a fan favorite at racing events because of the way he overpowers the obstacles in his way. Also pushing his rig to the limit and never giving in. Those that know him think he might be insane, but likely he is the type of guy that installed a passenger seat so he would have a place for his balls.

In all likeliness he just enjoys what he does and thankfully we all do too. Here is a 7 minute clip of Dale doing what it is most of us would be too afraid to.

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