This Guy Really Wanted A Hard Top For His Carrera Cabriolet


Guess he won't be needing that detailing appointment just yet.

When Job Taylor drove into the Olde Cape Car Wash in Massachusetts earlier this month, he certainly wasn't planning on driving out with a hardtop version of his 2014 Porsche 911 Carrera S convertible. Unfortunately for 73 year-old Taylor, who had just made an appointment to have his car detailed, something went utterly wrong. Driving under the car wash's roof canopy, he hit a pole which made the roof collapse on his car. This could have been just another case of a confused driver and a brief gap in judgement, but Taylor claims otherwise.

As the Cape Cod Time reports, "Taylor said he had just left the car wash office after making an appointment for car detailing. When he attempted to pass under the roof canopy, he believes the accelerator got stuck. He said he hit the brakes three times, but the car didn't stop and struck the support pillars." Unlike his car, Taylor walked away with only minor injuries. And while local police is investigating the accident, we have a feeling that his story of a jammed accelerator won't really stick.


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