This Guy Recreated Classic Racing Games On Forza Horizon 3


This tribute will give you nostalgia chills.

Forza Horizon 3 already comes with some incredible classic cars that players can take for a spin. With Forza's insane amount of customization, players can take these cars and turn them into replicas of classic video game cars. A digital artist named Eric Yui decided to use Forza Horizon 3's new photo mode to recreate images from several classic video games. Some of the pictures are really cool, and you can check out all of them here on Yui's page. Some of his recreations include Need For Speed and Crazy Taxi.

There's also a three-part video series that pays tribute to these classic video games. The videos feature Forza Horizon 3 gameplay with the music from some of the best racing games of all time, including Need For Speed Underground 2, Test Drive, Midnight Club, and many more. Even the menus have the vintage sounds.

Racing games have come along way from when the cars were barely distinguishable to now looking nearly lifelike. New games can almost make it feel like you're really driving a car, especially when using a racing wheel setup. That doesn't mean that old games don't have their charms. What was your favorite racing game to play? Was it included in this tribute? Let us know in the comments.

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