This Guy Ripped Out His Corvette C6's Headlights Because Reasons

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Well, one reason specifically.

We've honestly never seen something like this done before and we're sure some of the Corvette faithful won't be thrilled. Still though, creativity and custom work should be applauded no matter what. What's the potential controversy? A member of the Corvette Forum just posted photos of his C7 headlight wide body project. Only thing is he doesn't own a C7 - he just bought a C6 after owning a C5. But apparently he really digs the C7's headlights over the C6's. So what to do?

After just eight hours of work, the owner and a buddy managed to swap out the C6's headlights for the C7's. The work isn't completely done, as evidenced by these images, but the final molding and paint work will be finished shortly. He claims to have done "some cutting on the ends of the bumper to allow (them) to come down nice and low near the front edge of the bumper cover." Thoughts on this everyone?

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