This Guy's Camaro Was Stolen By Freddy Krueger Armed With A Sawed-Off Shotgun

Not exactly the best tribute to Wes Craven.

Only a couple of days before the death of horror master director Wes Craven, someone robbed a guy in Detroit while wearing a Freddy Krueger mask. His partner, clearly not as creative, had a witch mask. According to Fox 2 Detroit, the two robbers carjacked a man in his 2011 Camaro on Detroit’s west side (no, it wasn’t on Elm Street). Donning their early Halloween costumes, they approached the guy and hit him in the head with a sawed-off shotgun.

They then made him "get out of the car and everything (he) had and drove off down the street." Fortunately, the car was found a short distance away the victim will be just fine. However, Krueger and his accomplice got away with the Camaro owner’s stolen possessions. Detroit police are confident they’ll find Mr. Krueger and his pagan worshipping partner.

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