This Guy's Corvette Z06 Was Taken For A 150-Mile Joyride By The Dealership


And what he told them was awesome.

We hear about this kind of stuff from time to time, and it's a surprising that some dealerships haven't clued in to the fact that owners are going to figure it out once their car is returned. We're talking about joyriding, specifically when a dealership employee is the guilty party. You're supposed to be able to take your car to the dealer for service without any concern whatsoever. But that's not always the case, and it's happened again. This time it involves a 2016 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 owner who documented his story on the Corvette Forum.

Everything started off normally, with the owner dropping off the Z06 for its 500-mile oil change and to fix a "whistling noise" coming from the driver window. He authorized the dealer to test drive the car up to 25 miles to make sure the work was done properly. When he went to pick the car up from the unnamed Chevy dealer, however, there was an additional 150 miles on the clock. Understandably the guy was pissed. He spoke to the dealership manager who apologized for what happened, admitting the service advisor took the car home overnight, which in reality was a two-hour joyride. The manager offered a free tank of gas as compensation. The owner refused and "told them to go to hell."

Next thing he did was call Chevrolet corporate but all it could offer was a 150-mile warranty extension. After a call to the dealership owner went without a response, the Z06 owner is now considering taking this to small claims court. Oh, and that "whistling noise" isn't completely gone either.

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