This Guy's Epic Tribute To His Destroyed Acura TSX Is All Tears And Beers

Cue Whitney Houston.

Well this just totally sucks. All the guy did was park his Acura TSX outside a bar one recent evening and headed in for a beverage. Sadly, he was completely unaware of the TSX’s upcoming fate, which was caught by a security camera. The parked TSX was slammed into by what appears to be a drunk driver, who in turn flipped over. But it was the beloved Acura that was the innocent victim. The crash was loud enough for the bar to empty out, and it was then that its owner saw the aftermath of the destruction.

Staggering over to it in disbelief, he managed to snap a picture of a front wheel lying on its side. But it’s this tribute video featuring Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You” in the backdrop that’s both hilarious and a tear-jerker.

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