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This Guy's Ingenuity Saved His BMW M3s From Perishing In Houston Flood

He used jack stands, garden blocks and a trailer to raise his cherished collection of BMWs high above the water.

Nearly a week after Hurricane Harvey hit Houston, Texas, heavy rainfall has left the city and surrounding areas submerged in waist-deep flood water, claiming ten lives and leaving thousands stranded. 500,000 cars could be scrapped as a result of the flooding by the time the storm is over, and half of those could be sold on as used cars without the required flood label to unaware buyers. Nobody wants to see their prized possessions damaged by flood water, so we can all empathize with this man whose ingenuity prevented his BMWs from perishing in the flood.

Jalopnik reports how Cody W. Crochet used jack stands, garden blocks and a trailer to raise his collection of BMWs high above the water in anticipation of the storm. Initially, Crochet was only expecting to get around one foot of flooding, which prompted him to put his white BMW E36 M3 up on his trailer, and his red BMW E36 M3 up on the original jack stands that came with the car.

The X5 was left alone, since Crochet thought it was tall enough to avoid being damaged. But the one foot of water quickly turned into three feet, so he resorted to using garden bricks to raise the red M3 up even further as the water continued to rise. Even the X5 was no longer safe, so he drove it as high up onto the property as he could right up to the front porch. Sadly, his house was flooded with one foot and six inches of water, but the BMWs are safe. “In 100 years this house has never flooded at all,” Crochet told Jalopnik. “This area has never seen this amount of water.” You can see the measures Crochet took to save his cherished cars in a lengthy video documenting the rescue operation.

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