This Guy Says NO ONE Will Own A Car In 25 Years

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And here's why.

According to Jamais Cascio, a futurist and senior fellow at the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies, most of us will not be driving cars in a few decades because they will no longer be needed. Now before you allow this to cause your gear head brain to explode, just hear out what this guy has to say. Cascio has an interesting vision of the future that already seems to be unfolding as this article is being written.


In an interview with Business Insider, Cascio claimed that self-driving cars and Uber-like transportation networks will become so highly developed within 30 years that actually driving a car will be considered the equivalent of riding a horse for transportation today. Human operated cars as we know them now will be completely obsolete and only be owned by hobbyists. According to Cascio's vision of the future, networks of autonomous vehicles will whisk us off to wherever we need to go at the touch of a button. Now, although this might be difficult for car fans to digest, this guy may very well be right.

After all, the self-driving car market is anticipated to be worth more than $87 billion by 2030 and numerous car manufacturers including Tesla, Audi and Mercedes-Benz are already developing autonomous driving technology. Do you think you'll still feel the need to drive a car by 2025?

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