This Guy Sold His Son's 1998 Ford Explorer Because Too Much Dope And No Respect

Lesson learned, kid.

Not everyone is given a car by their parents when they turn 16. Many young drivers have to buy their own first rides, but not this kid. His dad bought him a 1998 Ford Explorer with the intention for him to learn some responsibility and respect. And hey, why not get a job and start paying for your own gas? But this kid ended up doing the opposite. According to the dad, the kid was more influenced by "his friends smoking dope and acting all thug and especially not showing me and my wife the respect that we deserve."

The guy’s solution was to sell the SUV for only a couple of grand on Craigslist in the Jacksonville, Florida area. And get this: the guy offered to take an additional $250 off if the buyer was local just so that his son could see it being driven around town by someone else. "Now he can put those Jordans to use (sic) walk his ass off on these hot summer days!" Fortunately, the Explorer’s air conditioning runs ice cold and the overall condition, aside from "being dirty as hell inside and out because he didn’t respect it," seems solid. The son also didn’t pay his dad back for the recently added new tires "because dope was more important." The final sale price came to $1,500. Lesson learned, kid.

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