This Guy Spent Christmas Skiing Behind An Amish Horse And Buggy


Stranger things have happened.

Most people on Christmas Day like to spend time with family. Opening presents. Drinking eggnog and eating way more than one’s stomach can typically handle are the norm. But some people quickly get bored. Maybe they don’t celebrate Christmas? Perhaps they’re early risers who didn’t want or even receive gifts. Or they’re simply bored out of their minds during the one day of the year when everything is literally shut down. And when boredom strikes, it's time for the mind to come up with some funny ideas.

Check out this video currently making the rounds on social media of a Michigan (and presumably Amish) man skiing behind an Amish horse and buggy last Monday. A woman named Tara captured the footage and posted it to Facebook with the caption #PureMichigan.

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This new form of cross-country skiing took place in Morley, Michigan, which is not far from Grand Rapids. Tara was on her way home from a Christmas dinner when she encountered the pretty bizarre scene. As of this writing, the video has been viewed by nearly 500,000 users on Facebook. The identity of the man and make and model year of the horse and buggy remains unknown.