This Guy Stole A Lamborghini Huracan To Street Race A Hellcat

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This is your dream night.

First off, we have a hard time believing that the Lamborghini Huracan featured in this video was actually "stolen" by a guy working for a car transporter company. Yeah, the story sounds cool but who would risk their job for the Vine, er, YouTube? Anyway, this race pits the baby Lambo against the Challenger Hellcat in a drag race. Now the price and the prestige of the Huracan should make it the ostensible favorite. Oh, it also has all-wheel drive and weighs less than the Hellcat. Okay, no contest, right?

Wrong. Very, very wrong. The Hellcat's massive 6.2-liter HEMI V8 is certainly no slouch, what with it sending 707 horsepower to the rear wheels and all. Check out the video to see how America's top muscle car does against one of Italy's best in a straight-line race.

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