This Guy Stuffed A BMW V10 Into A Lotus Exige Because Why The Hell Not


Call it a homemade Hennessey Venom GT of sorts.

Leave it to a somewhat nutso, BMW V10-crazed Swedish guy to take on a project like this. We immediately liked him. Around a year ago, "JohanZ" decided to transplant the V10 from a donor E60 M5 into a Lotus Exige. It was a lot harder to do than you’d imagine. Initially, that V10 didn’t fit into the Exige, so a wheelbase extension was required. If that reminds you of a certain Hennessey Venom GT, then you’re correct. That Bugatti Veyron beater utilizes the same basic formula, only it’s powered by a turbocharged Corvette V8 with more than 1,200 hp.

What’s different about these two mutants is that one is meant purely for straight line speed while the other has twisty track credentials.

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Our Swedish hero essentially had to completely re-engineer the car by first swapping out the old supercharged I4, drop in the V10, fabricate from scratch new body panels and a heavily modified frame, and then install a six-speed manual sourced from a Porsche Boxster S; the original gearbox couldn’t handle the grunt of 500+ hp. Beefier wheels and a new exhaust were also necessary for obvious reasons. Many other surgical procedures were required before completion. And then it was painted black. Its new name? The Lotus Exige V10 GTR, and it's currently undergoing track testing and fine tuning.