This Guy Tracked Down And Beat Up Thief Who Stole His Honda Accord


The very definition of a citizen's arrest.

Earlier this week, a resident of Anderson, California reported his 1991 Honda Accord stolen. Normally, we would let the police do their work and hope for the best, but not this guy. No, he managed to track down, physically confront, and subdue the thief before police arrived at the scene. This was a textbook case of a citizen’s arrest. The Anderson Police Department reported the whole thing on its Facebook page, so that’s how we know what happened.

The owner first reported his old Accord as stolen, posted a photo of it on his own Facebook page, and asked friends for help in recovering the vehicle. And it worked. About an hour later a friend alerted the owner that he spotted the stolen Accord in a parking lot. The owner hauled ass and watched as his car left the lot and began driving away. Fortunately for the owner, he borrowed someone else’s car and began a hot pursuit. The thief, 29-year-old William Ashby, quickly realized he was being chased and tried to get away. While doing so, he collided with a concrete curb, then attempted to flee on foot. The owner caught up to him, words were exchanged, and then tackled Ashby to the ground.

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A fight broke out but the owner was rightfully angry with his adrenaline rushing. He managed to subdue Ashby until police arrived. Ashby, as it turns out, was found to be on parole for – big shock – a robbery charge. At the end of the post, the police thanked the Accord’s owner for being a good citizen, but strongly recommended “it is generally safer for citizens to contact police prior to engaging criminals.” That’s good advice, especially when the stolen property was just an old Honda Accord.