This Guy Traded In 5 Toyota MR2s For A 2016 Mazda Miata


Who had the better deal: the guy or the dealership?

It's not every day, if ever, that a trade-in deal like this happens. According to Ben Brotherton, sales manager at Coad Toyota in Missouri via The Drive, a rather unique and unusual deal was made last week with a retired college professor. Apparently, this gentleman had a dream to own every model year of the first-generation Toyota MR2, from 1985 until 1989. He managed to achieve that goal by obtaining a total of five MR2s. However, he ultimately decided he had enough of the regular maintenance involved per car and decided to head over to his local Toyota dealer to see what could be done.

The resulting deal saw him trade-in the five MR2s to help fund a low mileage 2016 Mazda Miata. Five cars for one? Is that really a good deal? Hey, as long as the customer is happy, right? Turns out this guy also traded in another first generation MR2 back in 2017 for a new Toyota Tacoma. The dealer's sales manager added that after he posted the trade-in on social media, people reached out from all over the country with offers. A few days ago, only the 1985 yellow MR2 remained unsold. But for those of you interested in this guy's MR2 collection, here's a brief breakdown of the cars:

COPI at Coad by Ben Brotherton

1985: originally painted silver but now yellow. Total of 207,000 miles and is the only non-stock of the bunch. It has non-OEM wheels.

1986: painted red with 140,000 miles. This was the previous owner's show car. It is in immaculate condition and is the only in the collection with a solid metal roof.

1987: painted white with 80,500 miles. As mentioned above, this is the only automatic-equipped car of the collection.

1988: also a white exterior and the only automatic-equipped car. It has 78,500 miles but it's also the only one here with a supercharged engine.

1989: last but not least is a manual-equipped Ice Blue Pearl MR2 with only 28,000 miles.


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