This Guy Turned An Old Civic Into A Mid-Engine V6-Powered Pocket Rocket

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The kind of bonkers builds we love.

It nearly ended up in the junkyard with a likely death date with the crusher. Instead, this guy (who happens to be a Navy civilian engineer) bought it for next to nothing because he saw potential. The goal? To give new life to this 1984 Honda Civic three-door hatchback. And now, after five years of work and $13,000 spent, the project is complete. What you're looking at is that same old Civic, only now it's powered by a 2.5-V6 engine with 136 hp from a 1986 Acura Legend. Oh, and it's been relocated to mid-ship.

The guy had to cut out the floor and build a tube frame and roll bar in order to help make the engineering work. The front engine bay has now become the resting place for a 14 gallon fuel cell along with a Corvette-sourced radiator. He also went with a set of old Corvette brakes along with their five-lug hub carriers. The torsion bars were also removed in favor of custom coilovers and a 1-inch sway bar. There's also a 3/4-inch sway bar in the rear that uses modified struts from an old Datsun 240Z. As for the engine, it's been left mostly stock, exception being custom fabricated headers and exhaust and even a Porsche 911's Bosch mechanical fuel injection.

To make that engine fit, the Civic needed to be widened by 2-inches up front and 4.5-inches at the rear. Weight distribution is supposedly 43/57 front/rear and total weight is just under 2,500 lbs. And now it looks like it's a ridiculously awesome canyon carving pocket rocket.

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