This Guy Turned His Corvette Into The Ultimate Radio-Controlled Car

How the hell did he do this?

We’re used to seeing all kinds of customized cars. Some are really good, others not so much, hence Car Mod Atrocities. But this is anything but an atrocity; it’s a thing of pure ingenuity. Remember in “Back to the Future” when Doc Brown drove the DeLorean time machine via remote control. Pretty damn cool, huh? Absolutely, and this guy somehow figured out how to do this same thing to his C6 Corvette. Yes, he made a fully remote controlled Corvette and you can see it here being tested outside for the first time.

He claims everything works via a custom universal control that can be used for everything you'd want remote controlled with any receiver and transmitter combination. In this case, it’s a 2.4 GHz, 6-channel transmitter and it controls the car’s brakes, steering, shifting, and throttle. It can even turn the car on and off. Oh, and then there's the burnout.

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