This Guy Used An Orange To Fool His Tesla Autopilot

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Cause of death from the eventual crash: Fruit.

There are times when some people have way too much time on their hands. This is one of those times. This owner of a Tesla Model S P85 D has devised a way to avoid having to grab the steering every two minutes or so when the Autopilot is engaged. Clearly for safety purposes, recent over-the-air updates have changed the Autopilot so that grabbing the wheel more often is required. This guy thinks it's kind of obnoxious, and he's probably right, especially if you're used to how it originally worked. But fear not.

He has managed to devise a way to avoid having to grab the steering wheel when all he wants to do is kick back and enjoy the ride. The solution is simple: wedge an orange (yes, a piece of fruit) so that it applies enough pressure on the steering, thus allowing it to override the two-minute or so warning.

Yes, it does sound pretty strange. Thing is though, the method appears to work based on the footage in this video. He claims he's kept the orange in place for a while and, low and behold, no warning lights have come on. Don't have access to an orange? No worries, a stress ball or any other round piece of fruit ought to do the trick. But just in case it doesn't, authorities will probably still be able to pinpoint the cause of the eventual crash when all that's left intact in the wreckage is a GoPro camera and a piece of fruit.


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