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This Guy Worships 1960s European Rally Cars

And yet he grew up in Detroit.

Hans Abrahams may have been raised in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan, but his gearhead heart has fallen for 1960s European rally type cars. In fact, he owns three different vintages. One, which happens to be his daily driver, is a 1967 Volvo 123 GT. The second and third are a ’65 MG B and a ’66 Sunbeam Tiger Mark I-A. The latter just so happens to be powered by a 289 Ford V8. All three cars may not look all that fast or powerful from the outside.

However, Abrahams says that he "loves the idea of a car that, basically stock off the showroom floor, was taken to the great roads of Europe and thrashed to the end of its life." His cars were never bought as an investment, but for pure driving pleasure.

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