This Guy Wrecks His Bike And Then Drops The Best One-Liner Of All-Time


Good comedians never stop cracking jokes.

We have YouTuber Ganic Nomad to thank for this little bit of awesome comedy. The motorcyclist was out with a bunch of other people for a group ride when he was flagged down by a driver. The driver was signaling him that a rider up the road was down. No sooner had he gotten to the scene of that crash when a rider behind him fell off of his bike. Now the crashes themselves aren't what make this video awesome. No, it's the reaction of the second rider who fell that will have you dying of laughter.

Let's just say that the guy who fell doesn't need 911's help at all. Shout out to Ganic Nomad for the awesome "Thug Life" editing at the end. Also, both riders ended up being alright.

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