This Gymkhana Parody Proves You Don't Need A Fast Car To Do Tricks

Suffice it to say you shouldn't try this at home.

Ken Block’s Gymkhana videos always seem to be a bit overblown. Maybe it’s the highly modified cars, Block’s expansive knowledge of existing in a state of oversteer, or the insanely high production value that makes the videos seem so surreal. Either way, YouTube channel Car Bros wanted to bring things back to reality. The result is "Gympkhana," a parody video that feels like something anyone with a camera could have made. That's not to say it's bad, though. It's actually pretty damn awesome.

Using camera angles reminiscent of the Gymkhana videos, the goofs use a severely underpowered 1980s Honda Civic hatch to try and pull off some stunts of their own. The results speak for themselves.

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