This Hail-Damaged Dodge Challenger Hellcat Could Sell For Dirt Cheap

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How does a $25,000 discount sound to you? We thought so.

There are times when some people, typically gearheads, are willing to take a chance on a car purchase. It's a calculated guess, with things like age, condition and cost of ownership having to be taken into account. Then again, you want it. Badly. So let us present to you this 2017 Dodge Challenger Hellcat, currently up for sale at What's the problem with it? Hail damage. Icy balls falling from the sky can seriously mess up cars, your house and even us, depending on the size and velocity of said icy balls.

Looking closely at the Challenger Hellcat in question is kind of tricky due to the overall low quality of the photos. But from what we can see, there are lots of tiny dents throughout the body, a purely cosmetic issue. True, replacing body panels is not cheap, nor is hammering out all of those dents. Still though, all of the car's "guts" appear to be factory fresh, as they ought to be considering this thing is brand new with just 41 actuals miles on its clock. Its supercharged 6.2-liter Hellcat V8 appears to be unscathed. That's great news, and here's more: As of this writing, the highest bid was $48,000, with about two and half days left on the auction.

Based on the available window sticker that lists the car at just above $73,000 (it includes the optional eight-speed automatic), you're looking at around a $25,000 discount. Nice. Only downside are those scattered dents. For someone looking for a killer deal and knows a thing or two about dent removal, you really ought to take advantage of this very rare opportunity. Photos courtesy of

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