This Hand-Painted Pagani Zonda S Is A 540-HP Piece Of Art


It took four days for the artist to meticulously paint the Zonda's unique finish by hand.

Officially, the beloved Zonda finished production in 2013, but Pagani can't resist bringing it back from the dead with one-off specials for extremely wealthy clients. This latest example, on the other hand, isn't an official Pagani one-off, but it does sport a unique hand-painted body by Saudi artist Shalemar Sharbatly. The project was done to promote Italian luxury leather company Foglizzo's huge range of dyes for customizing the color of hides. It took four days for Sharbatly to paint the Italian supercar by hand using nothing but a brush and her creativity.

Each section of the Zonda S features different shades, resulting in an eye-catching design combining a variety of colors and swirls, cool shades and warm hues. At the front, Sharbatly used a mix of blue and green with touches of purple highlights. On the passenger side of the Zonda, Shartbatly used a mixture of reds, pinks, purples, blues, and a hint of yellow contrasting heavily with the driver side, which is dominated by different shades of blue and green. The colorful paint job is very striking, and you can only imagine the mass crowds it would draw on the road.

And if you think painting a Zonda in multiple colors with a brush is sacrilegious, don't worry because the artist wisely wrapped the 540-hp supercar in a protective film that covers the exterior body panels, so it's easily reversible. The resulting Pagani Zonda S art car is described as "a piece of art which seems to embrace motion even when it staring in front of you, showing its outrageous beauty." Sharbatly specializes in "Moving Art," an initiative "intended to move art beyond the elitist walls of the gallery".

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