This Handcuffed Suspect Managed To Steal A Cop Car And Lead Police On 100-MPH Chase


Not in Florida, difficult as that might be to believe.

The young woman you'll see in the video, one Roxanne Rimer, was caught by a security guard stealing earrings from Kohl's, but managed to get away in a car driven by her grandfather before the cops arrived. Officers quickly found the car and arrested her, but she somehow managed to steal the police car while handcuffed. She then lead the cops on a high-speed chase steering with her knee, before ditching the car and fleeing into the woods. She was caught shortly after that.

Here we can see her being arrested, why exactly she thought screaming for her mother would help is not at all clear. There's a bit of the chase, but the dash cam video of the full chase is on the next page.

Here she is stealing the car and leading the chase, in footage released by the Center Township, Pennsylvania Police Department.

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