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This Hardcore Off-Road Nissan Titan XD Is For Overlanding Enthusiasts

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Because roads are for wimps.

For those who attended this year's Overland Expo West this past weekend, you more than likely stumbled upon Nissan's specially modified 2017 Titan XD Pro-4X 4x4, dubbed "Project Basecamp." Before we delve into its details, the concept of "overlanding" itself needs to be explained. Essentially, overlanding is the self-reliant method of traveling to remote destinations, but the journey itself is the main focus. Project Basecamp is the ideal vehicular tool to get you there, or anywhere.

Starting off with a stock Titan XD crew cab, powered by the 5.0-liter V8 turbo diesel, the concept has more than 60 aftermarket parts and accessories from some of the leading manufacturers in the overlanding industry. The goal was to build a self-contained, self-sustaining "basecamp" for backcountry exploration. A set of 17-inch beadlock aluminum alloy wheels have been added, along with a special 3-inch lift kit for much needed ground clearance. The suspension was also further equipped with air springs and an air-leveling compressor. Other exterior mods include a vinyl wrap, custom front and rear bumpers, aggressive fender flares, cab-length rock sliders, custom hood, light bar and even chase lights with fog and spot lights.

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There's also a winch system with remote mount and quick-connect cables under the front bumper. As for survival essentials, there's a Leitner Designs Overland bed cage, Rhino Rack Pioneer rack system, CVT Tens Mr. Rainier Stargazer tent and vestibule, and Black Forest portable fridge freezer. Of course, there are also water canisters, shovels and an emergency kit. Lastly, there's a custom Patriot Camper X2 trailer, complete with matching vinyl wrap. Nissan hasn't given any indication that it's planning a production version, but Project Basecamp is more of a display of what's possible with the Titan XD, if overlanding is your thing.