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This Hemi Cuda Vs. GTO Judge Drag Race Is The Baddest Thing You'll See All Day

Drag Race

Nothing like some old school American muscle.

People keep saying that we’ve entered a new golden age of muscle cars. They’re right. Just look at what’s out there: the 707 hp Challenger Hellcat, a new Mustang, and the soon to be revealed 2016 Camaro. Or heck, just look at the outgoing, fifth-gen Camaro Z/28. Life’s good these days, but we also shouldn’t forget the old muscle car glory days. You know, when Plymouth Hemi Barracudas and Pontiac GTO’s ruled the streets and looked awesome doing so.

Of course there were several others gas-slurping, V8-powered muscle cars of that era, but those two apparently still have a score to settle at the drag strip. This 425 hp, 1970 Ram Air III GTO Judge faces off against a 366 hp ’70 Plymouth Hemi Cuda, and both are very rare. And now they’re back at it, at the drag strip, after all these years.

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