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This Hero Drove Over One Million Miles In A Porsche

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Now that's a driving enthusiast.

Hitting one million miles in a car is no easy task - just ask The Smoking Tire's, Matt Farah who broke the million-mile barrier in his 1996 Lexus LS 400. There are plenty of cars out there with seven digits racked up on the odometer ranging from newer trucks like the Toyota Tundra to vintage sports cars like the Volvo P1800. For reference, the trip from the Earth to the Moon is only 238,855 miles, so driving a million miles in a car would be like going to the moon and back... twice!

A man named Lorenzo is the latest to join the million-mile club with his Porsche 356-A. He purchased the car at the age of 21 and has owned it for the past 50 years, racking up over one million miles in the process. Lorenzo is clearly a driving enthusiast.

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For many car enthusiasts, "being spontaneous" might result in an unplanned drive to the beach for some impromptu photos. For Lorenzo, it sometimes meant throwing a bag into his 356 and driving 15,000 miles along the edge of North America from Southern California to meet the Eskimos in Alaska and Canada. "I'll get a call to visit a friend in another state, throw my bag in the car, and hit the road", Lorenzo said. "At the very least, I know it'll always be a good time if I'm in my Porsche. I've had so many great times in it, all over the world. Even the Eskimos like it!"

Stories like this should warm your heart, especially with so much news going around of collectors flipping cars with only delivery miles on the clock. Cars were meant to be driven and we should all strive to be like Lorenzo and his million-mile 356. Even with over one million miles on the clock, Lorenzo's Porsche still looks great and isn't ready to retire yet.