This Hero Is Making A Modern Porsche 911 Slantnose

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Hopefully this fulfils the void left by the 930 Slantnose

We all love a good limited-edition Porsche 911, which is why the German sportscar manufacturer has given us so many throughout the years. These special creations have contributed to the iconic badge's success with the focus always being placed on enhanced performance and exclusivity.

One such example of this was the 930 Porsche 911 Slantnose, which boasted the front-end of the 1981 935 racecar. What was once offered as a conversion kit from Kremer Racing, later evolved into a limited performance package direct from Porsche.

Crucible Coachworks
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The legend of the Flachbau is coming back to life some decades later thanks to a rather dedicated artisan from Pennsylvania. Crucible Coachworks, run by Ryan Krause and his partner Anthony Miller, first documented this passion project on his Tik Tok account but has since migrated to YouTube for a more in-depth look at the process.

The base of this project is a 996 Porsche 911. Digital artist MalonyXMedia contributed their services to give us all an idea of what we may expect when all of the hard work is complete. From these renders, we can see that the 911 Slantnose revival shows off a low and wide stance and boasts panels that can be attributed to modern GT racecars, not too unlike the track-only 2019 Porsche 911 935 tribute.

Crucible Coachworks

At the back, the Slantnose render shows off a drastic rear wing and diffuser combination that is accentuated by a pair of flared wheel arches that encapsulate the bumper and taillights. This is something that can be seen on the 935 racecar. A set of shiny three-piece wheels with quite a bit of negative camber are applied to both axles for additional drama.

The front of the 911 Slantnose is where things get more distinctive. Here, the 996 loses its large headlights and gets a slim black strip that houses a pair of two-piece LEDs. Obviously, we'd love to see the iconic pop-up headlights make a return, but LEDs are just what's trending at the moment.

Crucible Coachworks
Crucible Coachworks

Like the original 930 model, the hood has been treated to a series of air slits just above the front wheels. To mimic the original example, the front bumper gains one large intake but does away with the pair of foglights to incorporate two additional smaller intakes.

In order to turn this render into a reality, Krause makes use of welding, body filling, and metal shaping on the 996 911 donor car. The YouTuber gives a conclusive rundown on the build in a series of videos so you can see how the car comes to life, step-by-step. He still has quite a way to go until the project is complete but for a one-man job, we can't deny this feat is pretty impressive.

Crucible Coachworks
Crucible Coachworks

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